Starting the conversation

The parent, the teacher, the administrator, the policy maker, all these poeple make a huge impact on the CHILD....I want to create an opportunity for that group of adults to talk about good and bad things in the eduction system in a less formal setting than a board meeting or even a parent teacher conference. There's no papers to sign, charts to make or data to review...just people, sharing ideas and having a conversation.

Getting Everyone Together

Sitting at a family reunion, word vomiting about education to all those who would listen (a very common pass time for the likes of me). When my uncle made the comment that he noticed parents often sit around and discuss issues in education and reforms that should be made, and he noticed teachers often find themselves discussing the same topic, but it is much more rare to find teachers and parents sitting around casually discussing issues in education and reforms they would like to make. I realized that as an educator I try very hard to discuss student success with parents and get parent input and feedback as I create my classroom environment, but I try to avoid the “controversial topics” and keep it very professional.

As the African Proverb says, it takes a village to raise a child….this common quoted phrase in the educational community is very apparent to educators who see all the separate people who must work together to meet the needs of a child who walks through the school doors. I want this to be an open door to all advocates to children. I plan on discussing the difficult topics and hope to hear feedback on ideas I have because if we really want the best for kids we need to get perspectives from the many different people who help them day to day.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Oh no! I’m not looking to change the world’s issues today, I just wanted to help my child learn to read and get some basic math skills...I will direct you to my blog posts called, “Educational Tips.” If however, you are feeling some frustration about the way society does education or wanting to hear some insights from one teacher’s point of view, then away!

Also, if you think of a conversation about schools that you would like me to start, please...comment below! I can’t wait to start some important conversations about education!

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