Water Quidditch: Harry Potter Summer Activity

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Are you or your kids needing a new summer activity? Is it hot and you don't have a pool? Maybe you're just wanting to try something new...Harry Potter water Quidditch is a fun game for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Materials to Play:

Water Blasters

Water Balloons/Sponges

Buckets and Totes

Tall Metal Stakes (they look like these, but you can buy them individually at your local hardware stores)

2 PVC pipes

Hula Hoops

Duck tape

Rubber ball

2 ping pong balls

Positions and what they do:

Chaser: makes goals with quaffle (Rubber Ball)

Keeper: protects the goal

Beater: hits bludger (water balloons) away.

Bludger throwers: hit the chasers with water balloons

Seeker: Try’s to find the other team’s gold egg

How to play:

You need at least 6 players on each team. Put a hula hoop on each end of a grassy field. You can stick the two stakes into the ground and then take a hula hoop and duck tape it to a PVC pipe. We made our hoops about 5 feet tall, but you could make it taller or shorter depending on the age of the children. You also can play the game on a basketball court and just use a basketball as the quaffle. We set up tubs of water on the sides of the field so kids can refill their squirters. The kids all have to hold a squirter during the whole game (because this is their “broom”).

The goal of the game is to get the most points. The way you earn points is by shooting the quaffle (rubber ball or basketball) into the other team’s hoop or by finding the snitch. Each team has a Keeper who defends their team’s hoop. We made the rule that everyone had to stand 1 yard away from the hoop when guarding or shooting. There need to be at least 2 chasers. The Chasers and the Keeper are the only people on the team who can touch the quaffle. We had the kids switch positions every 5 minutes to give everyone a chance in each position. I really like that the Chasers are the only ones able to touch the ball because it means even the timid players have a chance to be really involved when it is their turn to be Chaser.

The bludgers are throwing water balloons or sponges at the chasers. If the bludger throwers are able to hit the chaser with their sponge, the chaser must through the quaffle up and wait for another chaser (on either team) to pick up the quaffle and continue the game. The beater is trying to protect and defend the chasers from the sponges being thrown at them.

If you have enough kids, you can also have a seeker. At the beginning of the game, each team receives a snitch (yellow ping pong ball). They have 3 minutes to hide their Snitch from the other team. The seeker's job is to try to find the other team’s snitch. When it is found the rules are like capture the flag. If the seeker can get the snitch from the other team’s side to their own goal the game ends.

Points/End of Game Every time a Chaser makes a goal in the other team’s hoop they get 1 point

Finding the other team’s snitch and getting it to your team's hoop is worth 10 points and ends the game

The game can also end when the first team reaches 11 points.

You can also say the game ends when every player has tried each position (after 30 minutes of playing time).

When playing this game during our Harry Potter Summer Camp I was very impressed with how well the kids worked together and how the different positions gave every child the opportunity to be involved. This game would be fun with a group of adults of many interests. You may have to talk about how the game has been modified for muggles, but muggle or wizard, the game is a wonderful way to enjoy a hot summer day!

Game Created by Emily Boyd and Emilee Johnston

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