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Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I remember how hard a decision it was for some of my classmates to decide on a major in college and I honestly don’t even really remember making the decision, it was just always something I wanted to do. As I sat in class I always craved to get real tools that I could apply practically to teaching in the classroom. We would spend so much time on the theories of education, I craved the useful tips and tricks from experienced teachers.

Now that I am actually in the classroom day to day, I LIVE in the useful tricks and applicable knowledge as I learn from other the other teachers and staff. This blog category is a space for parents, teachers, tutors and educators to share ideas about what has worked for them. As a teacher I am a constant learner. At least once a week, I hear a coworker talk about something in their classroom and think to myself, “I should try that….” or see a worksheet left on the copier and think, “What a cool way to practice that….” and sneak a copy for myself.

Every child is different and nothing works for everyone, but that is just all the more reason to have more tools in our tool belts. In the different blog posts in this category, I will post things that I have learned and found helpful in my time as an educator. Please post your finding and add comment below with any struggles you are finding as an educator so we can start finding some useful strategies to help our little learners!

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